Game Problems: Money


In no particular order, im gonna go into several subjects regarding my gripes with aspects in gaming

They will focus game play elements such as money and enemies and ‘sense of emotion and wonder’

Its been rolling around in my head for a while and I just feel like talking about them



A lot of games have some sort of currency in them or some similar resource to be used to acquire items or gear or upgrades

In the beginning of any game, money is precious and you will feel like you never have enough, because money means safety, a shortcut, access to information or tools, allies, avoidance of combat

 But as the game goes on, more often than not, I often encounter the problem of getting a ton of money and having nothing to spend it on.

Like in Fallout 3, I usually have over 5000 caps by level 10 and theres not much I can do with it. Suddenly, the game becomes overly easy, though there are other factors contributing to that.

Skyrim also suffers from this, big time. Sure, I can buy and upgrade a house, but once Ive done that, what else can I spend my cash on? Anything worthwhile?

After a while, money loses value.

And if money has no value, so do many items in general.

I often use a trick called “weight vs value” to make sure im getting the most out of my loot. In Fallout, I can get a lot of cash from getting packs of cigarettes, cartons of cigarettes, pre-war money and pre-war books, because the books alone can net me 100 caps per book, and the money weighs nothing, and the cigarette cartons and packs weigh next to nothing. I rarely use drugs outside of Stimpacks, so bam, easy cash! (why they even included them is beyond me, they’re basically worthless for things other than money. Ill talk more about these at another time)


Any skills, such as barter and mercantile become pointless and worthless to invest in because I already have a ton of cash

A lot of games these days tend to do money and currency wrong, especially in RPGs

More often than not, getting money is easy and theres usually nothing worthwhile to spend it on

This detracts from so many things in the game, like when I acquire a large sum of cash, I should be ecstatic, but im normally not, because basically, I got a lot more of something I already had in abundance and its not all that useful because its so damn easy to get to begin with.


A lot of games try to remedy this by either ramping up the prices by level or location. Which is a decent way to fix it, but it could be expanded upon.

Another great way to fix it is to give some sort of upkeep, like your weapons and armor degrade and you have to get them repaired to keep them in functioning shape, but normally the prices to do so are extremely small. Like, 5 gold in Diablo 2 to fix all of your equipped gear which was barely dented. Though the number do add up over time.


Games like Mount & Blade have made upkeep a vital part of the experience, your army marches on its stomach and it needs to be paid.

So you have to manage your food stores as well as getting more troops and better gear as well as upgrades for your towns and castles.

Want that high quality suit of armor? Or do you want enough food so that your army doesn’t starve on the long campaign you’re about to set out on? If you die on the campaign, you having a big army with lots of money doesn’t matter anyways. If you dont have an army, you might not be able to take the castle! Cant afford both, so you better make the right choice.

The Barter sill in this game has a value to it! It can make much of the game easier. It wont win the game for you, but it will help you build your empire.

In Mount & Blade, even if you’re filthy rich, money still has value


Dark Souls fixes this problem, because Money and XP are the same thing. You use it to level up and to buy new gear and repair your equipment. Souls have value, no matter what point in the game you are at.


In a game like Stalker, I played and beat, money was never too big of an issue, it wasn’t hard to get, but I had to ‘earn it’ most of the time. If I wanted cash, I had to do a job, hunt, or scavenge. It was a bit annoying and tedious, but money was always useful, even towards end game. (I played it modded btw)

I had to eat and sleep, but neither of those were issues, considering food was everywhere and safe sleeping spots were overly easy to get to.

That gear of mine was pretty good, but it had to be maintained, and ammo was not cheap. In fact, before I made my last push towards the center of Zone, Chernobyl itself, I sold everything I didnt need, bought all the ammo I could carry, and got myself a back up weapon and suit just in case and bled the rest of my cash on health items, because I had no idea if there were gonna be any rest stops along the way.

Im thankful that I did that, because I had to walk through a forest, city, the front of the power plant, the main entrance, throughout the plant itself, the depths of the place, the backyard and whole bunch of other places all which were filled with fanatics packing military grade hardware AND mutants AND the Ukraine military shooting at me in APC’s!

And before I reached the innards of the plant, I ran out of ammo for both my guns, and my armor had worn out and I had to switch to scaving for gear to survive







In Stalker Misery, thats called the ‘Weekend’

In this mod for Call of Pripyat, EVERYTHING has value in some way.


Because everything in this game is freaking expensive, and getting cash is hard, lemme tell you.

Want a decent gun? Hope you robbed the bank, because you’re to be robbed yourself!

Need to heal? Gonna cost you an arm and a leg, one way or another!

Hungry? Fork over the dough!

Wanna fix your gear? Be ready to work it off!

In this game, there aint no rest for the wicked, money dont grow on trees

Seriously, you could have an almost literal ton of cash, and you lose all of it because you needed ammo, or needed medical treatment, or food, or even upgrade your gear

Ammo? Aint cheap

Food? Aint cheap

Grenades? Aint cheap

This isnt the Borderlands, money means something here.

Not, im not saying ALL games seriously meaningful cash management, but holy damn, when I get trove of treasure, it should mean something more than “Oh, I got more gold, yay…I guess”.

…Because money


Anonymous asked:

As a woman, I'm now discussing with an uncircumsized man why male circumcision on infants is bad... He disagrees and 'doesn't care' (and claims men don't care either, even though our country is thinking of banning the use for non-medical reasons). And he also claims that it's not-ok for females because it's 'true' mutilation, whereas male circumcision is not. Yet he hates SJWs and feminism... Point being: This is probably the most awkward discussion I've ever had lol


I’ve noticed that, among the anti-sjw community, this seems to be one of the more commonly disagreed on topics.

The facts are that Circumcision:

  • Is unnecessary
  • Causes harm to the infant, as it is performed without anesthetic
  • Can have long-term negative effects, both physically and mentally
  • Kills over 100 boys each year in the US alone (it’s unclear whether this is from the procedure alone, or includes complications caused by the procedure)
  • Has been labeled a human rights violation by many health organizations in the EU.
  • Has minimal to no benefits
  • Is mutilation as defined as “an act of physical injury that degrades the appearance or function of any living body, sometimes causing death.”

Circumcision decreases penile sensitivity

Circumcision associated with sexual difficulties

Circumcision linked to alexithymia

The exaggeration of the benefits of circumcision in regards to HIV/AIDS transmission

Circumcision/HIV claims are based on insufficient evidence

There is no case for the widespread implementation of circumcision as a preventative measure to stop transmission of AIDS/HIV

Circumcision decreases sexual pleasure

Circumcision decreases efficiency of nerve response in the glans of the penis

Circumcision policy is influenced by psychosocial factors rather than alleged health benefits

Circumcision linked to pain, trauma, and psychosexual sequelae

Circumcision results in significant loss of erogenous tissue

Circumcision has negligible benefit

Neonatal circumcision linked to pain and trauma

Circumcision may lead to need for increased care and medical attention in the first 3 years of life

Circumcision linked to psychological trauma

Circumcision may lead to abnormal brain development and subsequent deviations in behavior

So if anyone who follows me, or anyone reading this, still supports infant male circumcision, I have only one question to ask you:

What makes you think you have the right to decide what happens to someone else’s body?

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